The Most Effective Way To Get What You Want

It’s pretty incredible what can happen when you are a genuinely nice person.  For some reason people are nicer to you and are more likely to do what you ask them to do, especially when you need a favor or something.   I am not saying that you should go out there and be a cheesy car salesman, people will pick up on your fake vibe.  Actually be a nice person, and it will benefit everyone.

Imagine for a moment-

You have a guy who subscribes to your “Local Business Domination” list. He wants info on how to get started in Local Business Domination.  So, you send him a few videos about Local Business Domination and he thinks they rock.

He still doesn’t buy your product, but he really appreciates the valuable videos you sent him.

Next, you send him a PDF that outlines a map for starting a Local Business Dominations career.

He sends you an email thanking you for the PDF, and he really thinks your great for sending him all of this free stuff.

You continue to send him valuable information, month after month, but still can’t get afford anything yet.

Suddenly this guy gets a huge promotion at work, and a nice bonus check.  The first thing he does is goes home and buys your Local Business Domination Platinum Edition.

It’s the most expensive course you sell, but you have been hooking this guy up for months, and he has been waiting for an opportunity to buy your stuff, and is willing to pay top dollar for your stuff.

Why is he willing to pay full price without batting an eye?

Because you gave him a lot of value over a long period of time, without harassing him about buying, and people remember when you treat them well, especially if you stay in constant contact.

Even if you are the best marketer in the world, the percentage of people that will buy from you the first time they visit your site is only about 10%.

There are a few reasons that people may not buy from you right away.

For instance, they might not have the money right now, it might not be the right time, they might think your completely  full of garbage.

For some reason marketers seem to ignore the 90% of people who don’t buy the first time, and that is a total waste of marketing dollars.

Think about it, if someone has opted in to your list, they have obviously shown an interest in your product, and if you are not consistently following up with them, and giving them cool stuff, they will have no reason to come back when they do have the money.

Make it a habit to do the following.

1)Volunteer in your community, do free seminars that will benefit people in your niche

2)Give cool stuff away to your list of subscribers

Just be a good person that is always providing value to everyone around you.

For example, write a blog post every week or so outlining how to solve a problem your market is facing.

Not a big writer?  Find helpful information that will help people in your community and share it with them.

All you really need to do is dig deep within and become a giving person, that provides a lot of value, without asking for anything in return.  Make this your mantra, and you will reap the rewards.

For those of you that don’t think The Golden Rule applies to your business, think again.

Practice being awesome, and see what happens.

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